What is Adblue?

  What is Adblue? The question is frequently asked. Its definition is as follows; It is a water-based solution added to vehicles that provide the necessary qualities. It contains 32.5% purified-sterilized urea and 67.5% water. Adblue has no explosive or flammability properties. Therefore, it can be transported safely. What Does Adblue Do? What does Adblue do? Another curious subject. Exhaust gases from the engine adversely affect the environment and cause air pollution. The easiest solution for this is to use Adblue. This solution converts most of the harmful gas into water vapor and nitrogen gas. Therefore, the gas released to nature becomes cleaner. How Many Kilometers Does 1 Liter Adblue Travel? In vehicles with Adblue feature, the filling process is done after the vehicle starts to give a warning. So how many km does 1 liter of Adblue go? The subject comes to mind. This depends on the vehicle's engine, standards and other characteristics. If it is necessary